Why You Need Slenderiiz Power Boost (Cocoa) In Your Diet

It seems that everywhere we turn, there is another weight loss system. Many of them have their good attributes, but they also have cons. We can see it first hand when people who are obese and make a vow to lose weight turn to one of these systems. We see them lose a few pounds and 1, 2 or 3 months later, we see these people and they look the same or even heavier.

I normally am hesitant to ask what happened because I don’t want to get the person angry, so I just ask how the diet is coming. Usually the response is “I gave up,” or “I quit.” And they usually say that the diet took energy from them and they were unable to perform the daily tasks they were responsible for.

Upon hearing this, my immediate thought was the Slenderiiz Power Boost.

So I explain how the Slenderiiz Power Boost works, and how they should try the Slenderiiz 28 day challenge for a sure method to lose those pounds.

Why people quit diets

It is true, many people who have tried to lose weight do have the will power to eat less and eat healthier meals but they seem to be sacrificing energy by doing so. Their bodies had become adapted to more food and in an effort to beg for more food, the body shuts some of the energy supplies off.

While that may not sound scientific, it is the easiest way to explain it without getting technical.

A vast amount of the people work jobs that require they have ample energy, so they give in to the body’s energy shutdown and start feeding it as before so the body will essentially “turn the electricity back on.”

What the Slenderiiz Power Boost doespure nourish power boost

Slenderiiz Power Boost simply overrides your body’s messages telling you to eat more for energy by giving you the energy you need.

I equate Slenderiiz Power Boost to a powerful generator hooked up to your home’s power supply. If the energy company shuts down your electricity, the generator kicks in and all your electrical devices still operate uninterrupted. And it doesn’t use temporary energy fixes that will make you “crash” when they wear off.

What is the primary ingredient in Slenderiiz Power Boost?

The primary ingredient in Slenderiiz Power Boost is L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine is a natural substance found in our muscles. It is an amino acid. This along with other amino acids will speed up the conversion process used to turn what we have eaten and stored fats into energy. So L-Glutamine will help your body maintain energy levels using the fat that is stored instead of having your body rely on current food intake for energy.

So essentially, this active ingredient in Slenderiiz Power Boost provides the energy you need and also suppresses your appetite allowing you to eat less and still perform to maximum levels.

I will explain all about Slenderiiz Power Boost. You will know what ingredients are used in the manufacturing of this tremendous product. I will also explain how to use Slenderiiz Power Boost. And lastly, I will tell you where you can purchase it.

Scroll down and learn more.

But how does Slenderiiz Power Boost taste?

This is one of the first questions I am asked about Slenderiiz Power Boost. Personally, I love the taste because it is flavored with Dutch Cocoa Powder. It has that chocolatey goodness and added with that, it contains dried organic coconut sap and coconut milk powder. And we all know that coconut and chocolate are a delicious pair together.

What are the other ingredients in the Slenderiiz Power Boost?

This Power Boost also has other ingredients that are designed to help your health and well being.

Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower Lecithin has properties that are considered beneficial to both your brain and nervous system. Studies have shown that Sunflower Lecithin helps slow down the aging processes.

Stevia Leaf Extract

Stevia is a plant found in South America that is a natural sweetener. By using Stevia Leaf Extract, the control of blood sugar levels is more manageable. Instead of using dangerous sugar to sweeten this, the Stevia Leaf Extract takes its place.

Guar Gum

Guar gum promotes healthy digestive operations and is also helpful in suppressing the appetite by giving the impression you feel full.

Luo Han Guo Fruit Extract

This fruit that is cultivated in China is believed to increase longevity. It has a sweet taste and is used in several medicinal applications in China.

These are the other ingredients along with salt and natural flavors in the Slenderiiz Power Boost.

How to use the Slenderiiz Power Boost

If you are currently using the Slenderiiz shake, you can simply add 1 scoop of the Slenderiiz Power Boost to your shake for added energy.

If taking it alone, you add 1 scoop of the Power Boost to 8 ounces of water and you have a delicious chocolate drink packed with energy.

Use Slenderiiz Power Boost as a regular part of your diet

While some people drink tons of coffee and others are pouring down those unsafe energy drinks that are full of sugars, you will find a renewed structure in your life… In managing your weight and well-being by making Slenderiiz Power Boost a regular part of your diet.

There is no addictive ingredients with the Slenderiiz Power Boost, except the great taste. There is no chance of taking too much because all the ingredients are safe and secure.

Slenderiiz Power Boost was originally designed for athletesathletes use power boost

The Slenderiiz Power Boost was originally designed for runners, bikers and athletes of all types, but Slenderiiz users noticed that it is a beneficial product for anyone and everyone. It helps people keep their weight in check and have ample energy to perform to top levels in their careers and other facets of everyday life.

Use as part of the Slenderiiz 28 Day challenge

The challenge is a perfect way to get on track with both your weight loss goals and exercise achievements. The program has been shown to work scientifically, and the Slenderiiz Power Boost as part of the program will help suppress your appetite and provide you with the needed energy to perform all the responsibilities you have on any given day.

Add in the Slenderiiz Beauty Boost

By adding the Slenderiiz Beauty Boost, you are adding the advantage of strengthening your hair and nails. The ingredients in this product are designed to work with your skin’s properties to add to your outer beauty.

By using the Slenderiiz Power Boost and Slenderiiz Beauty Boost, you are enlivening both your inner and outer beauty to develop a whole new, and healthy you.

Where to buy Slenderiiz Power Boost

The Slenderiiz Power Boost can only be purchased from certified independent Ariix home business owners.

You may find listings of the Slenderiiz Power Boost and Slenderiiz Beauty Boost on sites such as Amazon or eBay. There is a good chance that these are not actually the true product and you really do not know what you may be putting in your body if you purchase those. I actually recommend that you report anyone selling “knock-off” products using the Slenderiiz packaging on those sites, because it is against the Ariix rules to sell them on Amazon, eBay and similar sites.

To purchase the Slenderiiz Power Boost, you must go through an Ariix business owner, which I am. You can get this, or any of the other Slenderiiz products right here.

How to get your Slenderiiz products for little to nothing

There is also a way you can get the Slenderiiz Power Boost and other Slenderiiz products for very low cost, or even no cost, and you may even be able to start making money.

You can have your own home based business and make money while using these high quality products. I can show you how.

You can be like others who have slimmed down and built muscle while also building their financial indpendence.

Let’s get you started on the challenge

To get started, just click here.

What is so wonderful about this system is Ariix will not ask any questions if you are not 100% satisfied. They just ask that you try it for 30 days and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, they will give you a full refund.

So essentially, you have nothing to lose except the weight.

You can have a new and exciting life

Today is the day to change your life for the better. Just imagine all the possibilities with a healthy weight and a healthy bank account.

It is all in front of you now, and weight and health problems can be behind you.

Thank you for visiting.

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